Karen Derr Gilbert

Bus Dev/Investor Relations/Operations

Karen has been at FTV Capital for over 25 years and leads the firm’s efforts in investor relations, fundraising, strategic business development and marketing. She is also a voting member of the FTV investment committee. Karen joined FTV in 1999 to help build the Global Partner Network®, an industry network the firm leverages for market themes and commercial connectivity for its portfolio companies – a key differentiator in FTV’s strategy. In 2022, Karen was named a member of the Forbes 50 Over 50 list in the Money category, as well as a Top Women Leader in Growth Investing by GrowthCap. Karen is a member of the Private Equity Women Investor Network (PEWIN), the pre-eminent organization for senior women leaders in private equity. Karen has over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining FTV, Karen held various marketing, product management and trading roles at Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch Capital Markets and Shearson Lehman Brothers.


University of California, Los Angeles, BA, Economics
Cornell University, MBA


Karen loves spending time with family and friends, and when not in the office, you can find Karen on a mountain with her backpack, in the pool at Masters’ swimming, on the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe or curled up with a good book.

What attributes of our growth equity model do you think best differentiates FTV?

At the heart of FTV’s differentiation and a key part of our DNA is our Global Partner Network (GPN). For over two decades, we have collaborated with thought leaders and commercial decision-makers primarily across the financial services ecosystem to help sharpen our investment themes, as well as give our portfolio companies a leg up in their sales efforts through warm introductions into our GPN enterprises.

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