Our Companies are Transforming Markets

In partnership with our companies, we pursue an integrated approach to acceleration and value creation.

Enterprise Technology and Services

As businesses digitize operations, expand capabilities in cloud and mobile, and bolster defenses against cyberattacks, innovative companies lead the evolution.

Investment Sub-Sectors

Security / Governance, Risk and Compliance / IT Infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence / IT Services/BPO / Office of the CFO / HR Tech / Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience / Supply Chain and Procurement / Healthcare IT / Vertical SaaS

Financial Technology and Services

Digitization and consumerization drive new opportunities in this fastchanging sector, where we’ve partnered with our portfolio companies to accelerate rapid growth.

Investment Sub-Sectors

Asset and Wealth Management / Capital Markets / Payments / Vertical Software and Embedded Finance / Banking and Lending / Insurance / Real Estate and Mortgage / Data/Information Services and Analytics / Risk, Compliance and Regulatory