Financial Technology and Services




    Realized, Acquired by Optum (UnitedHealth Group) in 2021


    Richardson, TX


Total payment solution that eliminates checks and postage, simplifies reconciliation and creates efficiencies to maximize productivity.

Investment Theme

B2B payments landscape continues to be dominated by paper and manual processes; massive commercial payments and claims processing market needs to leverage technology to reduce manual processes, automate payment reconciliation, mitigate fraud losses and limit delays in funding or settlement without any account enrollment.

Working with FTV is a CEO’s dream — the perfect combination to allow a company to reach its potential. A group of talented individuals with a variety of knowledge and skills, a tremendous Global Partner Network that allows access to contacts who would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain, and a seasoned long-term growth strategy that allows for focused investments in the company.

This expertise and commitment to the partnership with the management team is also balanced in good times and challenging ones. I have had the opportunity to be lucky enough to have led two portfolio companies and during these tenures, we saw and experienced significant market swings. The 2008 economic collapse and the 2020 Covid-19 impact both caused a material impact to the plans and expectations for the respective businesses. This is where FTV really shined. FTV’s approach of “What can we do to help?”, their willingness to listen to what management thought needed to happen and their calm and steady approach to staying focused over the long-term allowed us to be positioned to excel as the crisis resolved.

Based on my experiences and knowledge of several firms, I believe FTV represents the best partner to help position a company to prosper, grow and achieve it dreams.”

ANDY ROBERTS  |  Former CEO of two exited FTV portfolio companies, FleetOne and VPay