Two Decades of Investing with an Eye to the Future

FTV was an early partner to companies at the Intersection of financial services and technology. We continue to help exceptional companies anticipate and meet evolving market demand.

Growth Equity Pioneers and Partners

In 1998, as the financial services industry was beginning to channel the power of the Internet, our founders, Jim Hale, Bob Huret and Richard Garman, sought to leverage deep connections from their financial services careers to aid entrepreneurs with innovative technology and service offerings targeted at the corporate enterprise.

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Known then as FTVentures (Financial Technology Ventures), we began cultivating this strategic network of executives who shared exceptional market insight into the pain points and opportunities that enterprises were facing. Armed with this information, we invested in high-growth companies that were delivering solutions to meet these enterprise needs. We then tapped these strategic connections to open doors and accelerate commercial opportunities for our portfolio companies.

In 2008, we renamed our firm FTV Capital to better reflect our growth equity strategy. Since our founding, we have raised $6.2 billion across seven funds and invested in over 140 high-growth companies, creating more than $38 billion in enterprise value. We attribute that success to our persistent work to harness the value of our deep domain expertise and our strategic connections, now called the Global Partner Network, to deliver transformative growth opportunities to our portfolio companies across our consistent core sectors of enterprise technology and services and financial technology and services.

Meeting the Challenges of a Diverse World

At FTV, diversity is celebrated and all voices are encouraged and respected. We work to build and retain an exceptional team, which contributes to our success. A broad spectrum of perspectives enhances outcomes for our firm, our portfolio companies, our investors, our partners and our communities. We seek to attract broadly diverse talent with relevant skill sets and then equip them with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive professionally.

Promoting Positive Social Impact

FTV believes in giving back to our communities and society through volunteerism and financial support.

All FTV employees are granted paid time off to volunteer for philanthropic causes of their choice. We also engage with several charitable organizations aligned with our commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship and strengthening the technology ecosystem. We are proud to partner with the following organizations.

BUILD ignites the power of youth in under-resourced communities to build career success, entrepreneurial mindsets and opportunity.
Endeavor builds thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging and underserved markets around the world.

Our Commitment to ESG

FTV takes its fiduciary duties to its fund investors seriously and seeks to act in their best long-term interest. We endeavor to maximize risk-adjusted returns for our investors and other stakeholders by investing responsibly. Although we note that FTV Capital’s particular investment focus has led us to invest principally in companies whose operations and opportunities do not typically involve material environmental or social issues, we believe that companies with environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) standards are typically better run, have fewer business risks and ultimately deliver better value.

  • Integrate assessments of ESG into our investment analysis and decision-making
  • Incorporate ESG best practices into our portfolio companies’ policies and practices
  • Implement compensation policies that strive to align the interests of owners and management
  • An oversight committee
  • Processes and documentation for the diligence/underwriting phase, the portfolio management phase and for the exit
  • Procedures for reporting of any material incidents (of which none have incurred to date)
  • ESG training as part of our new employee onboarding

As part of our commitment to responsible investing, FTV is a signatory of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing.

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Find Your Future at FTV

The FTV team is united by a strong culture that emphasizes intellectual curiosity, an openness to ideas, the conviction that every person can uniquely contribute, and a deep commitment to our management teams and investors.